Unlimited sessions

Guests can re-visit the photo booth as often as they like with up to 10 guests

Instant prints

Guests receive instant high-quality, bright, water-resistant prints within seconds

Free props

Free props including picture frames, faces, glasses, hats more are provided at no charge


The Photo Booth occupies only 1 m2. Excellent mobility! The ability to quickly move to any place, if necessary, deploy and take pictures in any direction!


Convenient, easy to use touch-screen makes personalization easy-to-use


Guests can choose to have a copy of their picture sent to them instantly to their phone, Facebook or Twitter pages so they get “Likes” right away!

Choose your photobooth!


Our Options

  • 2 Hours
  • $299
  • Operator of Photo Booth
  • Set up of Photo Booth
  • Backdrop stand
  • White background
  • Props
  • 2 strips 2"x6" or 1 print 4"x6"
  • Unique design of strips
  • Online Event Album
  • Contact us
  • 3 Hours
  • $399
  • Operator of Photo Booth
  • Set up of Photo Booth
  • Backdrop stand
  • White background
  • Props
  • 2 strips 2"x6" or 1 print 4"x6"
  • Unique design of strips
  • Online Event Album
  • Contact us
  • 4 Hours
  • $499
  • Operator of Photo Booth
  • Set up of Photo Booth
  • Backdrop stand
  • White background
  • Props
  • 2 strips 2"x6" or 1 print 4"x6"
  • Unique design of strips
  • Online Event Album
  • Contact us

  • Customise your photo booth strip design

    We like to let you customise everything… why? Because it’s high time it was all about you, that’s why.
    Custom photo strip designs are essential for making your photo booth experience as tip-top as we possibly can. Fancy an in-house classic? Perhaps a ravishing design by our designer?

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your perfect photo booth print design. Let us begin.


    Color plays an important role in the design of strips. You can choose the color for your event. Bright colors are suitable for wedding bands, bright colors are suitable for parties. In addition to solid colors, you can also choose a picture. It all depends on your taste and choice.

    No need to worry about what colors or pictures do not fit your photos. With our designer, you can create a unique and beautiful design for strips.

  • Photo Booth Trends and Tips for Weddings and Parties

    Photo Booth Trends and Tips for Weddings and Parties

    Wedding and party guests love discovering a photo booth at a celebration, since this creates such wonderful opportunities for fun and guest interaction, plus fabulous photos from your event. Photo booths themselves have been around for a long time, but as with most things in the entertaining sphere, they have evolved into far more festive appearances, and innovations in technology have also given them new life.

    Here are the top new trends in photo booths for weddings and parties:

    Our favorite NY photo booth rental agencies have stocked up on new photo booths, many of which can be color-coordinated to your event via LED lights tuned to your wedding colors or party color-scheme. A decorated photo booth creates a coordinated focal point in your ballroom, and dials up the impression factor in your party space.
    One photo booth trend we love is the open-air photo booth, which may be a photo booth structure with no walls, in front of which guests pose against a backdrop…or it may be an entire separate room at your NY event venue that has been styled with couches, tables, chairs, and décor, allowing you to personalize your photo booth scene, perhaps matching it to your wedding theme or party theme.
    Photo booth backdrops may be scenes from an exotic city, a lush field of flowers, a tropical beach or other setting that suits your theme.
    Green screen backdrops for photo booths allow your photo booth company to create a custom backdrop for your photos, adding a hi-tech element that dials up guests’ photo booth excitement, and creating fabulous keepsake photos.
    In the world of photo booth props, many NY photo booth rental companies come prepared with a wide range of props, from oversized sunglasses to hats to masks, feather boas, oversized moustaches and other trendy photo booth props. And you can also supply more of your own.
    A top trend in photo booth rentals is the hand-held message board, which may be a chalkboard or white board on which your guests can write their own chosen messages. ‘Thought bubble’ signs may be pre-printed with messaging for guests to hold above their heads as they strike a creative or funny pose.
    Video photo booths allow guests to capture themselves in movement, perhaps dancing or singing, and of course photo booth kiss shots capture the moment. Some photo booths are equipped to create slow-motion video as well.
    Social media-integrated photo booths allow your guests to step to the social media sharing kiosk, view their photo booth pictures, and share instantly to their choice of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and also email their photos to themselves or to friends.
    You can arrange for your photo booth company to project your photo booth photos in your ballroom for guests to enjoy during the dinner or dancing hours.
    Photo booths are a trend that’s sure to stick around for your NY wedding or party, adding even more fun and personalization, as well as theme-enhancing, to your celebration.
  • The Best Photo Booth Props

    The Best Photo Booth Props

    Here is a list of the top 10 best photo booth props to use for your wedding photo booth:

    Top 10 Photo Booth Props
    Sunglasses -Sunglasses at night, the ultimate photo booth fashion statement (and 80’s song!)
    Funny Hats – Policeman’s hat, construction helmet, sailors hat, Indian headdress… just to name a few.
    Boas – release the inner diva in your wedding guests!
    Mustaches – Everyone wants to sport a cool Tom Selleck style stache so why not let them!
    Chalkboards – Let your guests get creative and write you funny and touching messages.
    Random Items – Some of the funniest photos we’ve seen are when guests pick up a random item (or person) from the event and include it in their photo booth photo shoot.
    Wigs – Cher anyone?
    Empty Picture Frames – Have your guests act like they are in a portrait.
    Word Bubbles/Thought Bubbles – The funny things your guests will think and say in the photo booth!
    Cardboard Cut-outs of the Bride & Groom – This will require a little work but this way everyone will get to have their picture taken with you in the photo booth on your big day.
    Personalize Your Photo Booth Props
    In addition to the top 10 photo booth props it is a great idea to bring photo booth props that:

    Tie in with the theme of your wedding
    Support your favorite sports teams
    Represent your hometown
    Allude to private jokes you share with your family and friends
    The more creative you get with your props the more creative your guests will get with their pictures ultimately leaving you with even more priceless photos to cherish.



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